Report: NHL star taken to hospital with serious injury early this morning.

Bad sign for NHL star.


We have some bad news to report. 

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, at around 1 am EST, Mike Coppinger of the Los Angeles Times reported that National Hockey League forward Corey Perry was taken to hospital as a result of an injury he suffered on Monday night against the Carolina Hurricanes. 

The Anaheim Ducks star collided with Carolina Hurricanes forward Jeff Skinner and suffered what the Ducks described as a lower-body injury. While this is only speculation at the time of this writing, the injury appears to be to his right leg, and more specifically his right knee. 

In the replay provided below you can clearly see Perry's knee buckles on impact, causing his leg to bend in completely the wrong direction, something that at the time looked awful. 

Now that we have confirmation he was taken to hospital following the game, we fear there may be devastating news on the horizon for the Anaheim Ducks and their fan base.