Report: NHL training camps to open July 13th

Here we go, baby! Drop the puck!

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This just in from Sportsnet hockey insider Chris Johnston, NHL training camps could open July 13th with teams travelling to Toronto or Edmonton (hub cities) as soon as July 25th.

Check it out:

While Edmonton and Toronto haven’t officially been named as hub cities by the NHL, it’s been widely reported by many reputable sources that the two Canadian cities will indeed serve as hub cities once the league resumes play.

As for training camps, frankly… what are we waiting for? If NHL players are allowed to gather and train together in their teams’ cities, why not have training camp now? Why wait? At this point most, if not all, players are past the 14 day quarantine period after travelling so let’s get this sucker on the road.

In any case, it looks like the NHL is prepared to hit the ice the first week of August. Stay tuned.