Report: Radulov reveals details of his negotiations with other teams.

Three other teams were involved in negotiations with the Russian star.-

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There was a lot of talk around Russian star Alexander Radulov prior his decision to sign a one-year deal with the Montreal Canadiens this summer, officially signaling his return to the National Hockey League, and now we know why.

Radulov made the revelation in an interview with Russian reporter Igor Eronko, and among the details where the names of three other teams with whom, he had at least some level of negotiations. According to Radulov, both the Detroit Red Wings and the Florida Panthers were at the top of his list, and he also added that he had some less serious negotiations with the New Jersey Devils.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the interview was learning that Radulov turned down what sounds like it was significantly more guaranteed money in order to sign with Montreal.

"CSKA offered me more than any NHL team but I wanted to play in North America."

It's unclear what the motivation may have been for Radulov to turn down more money and sign with the Habs, but it may have something to do with how hje views the team he is joining.

"Look at the Habs now. We have the best goalie in the world and also we've got the world's best defender this summer."