Report: Sharks’ Kane in serious legal trouble yet again

Very shocking and serious allegations levied against the controversial NHLer late last night.

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Late last night multiple online outlets reported that San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane is being sued by an unnamed woman for allegedly coercing the woman into having three abortions in three years. Pop culture tabloid news website TMZ first broke the news reporting that Kane promised to pay the woman $3 million to have an abortion when the woman did not want to. She accepted his offer, but he never paid up. Again… all allegedly, as Kane and his attorney have not responded to media requests regarding the allegations.

Woman Sues Evander Kane, Claims He Owes $3 Million for Aborting His Baby

A woman going under the alias “Jane Doe” is suing San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane for $6 million after she aborted three pregnancies in three years, per TMZ.
Kane allegedly first got the girl pregnant in 2016 and they both agreed abortion was the best option.

She got pregnant again in 2017 & he convinced her abortion was the best option to protect his career

Finally, she got pregnant earlier this year, but did not want to go through another abortion. He offered her $3 million to go through with it & then refused to make the payment.

You may remember that Kane was involved in a sexual assault investigation in 2016 in which his name was eventually cleared. Kane was alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman in his downtown Buffalo hotel, but investigators ultimately did not press charges.

Regardless of what the truth is in this matter, it’s hard not to view this as yet another public relations nightmare for the 27 year old Sharks forward. Controversy just seems to follow this guy around, fairly or not. 

Kane and his attorney have declined to comment on the allegations thus far.