Report: Shea Weber may already be taking over the Habs locker room.

The stories of a weak captain may have been accurate.

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There were reports over the summer that Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien had labeled his captain, Max Pacioretty, one of the worst in the organizations history, and now we have some signs that another leader is already starting to take over that locker room.

According to a report from HabsolumentFanShea Weber put his leadership skills on full display when his teammate Nathan Beaulieu tried to get out of doing multiple push-ups during a practice, yes practice.

The report states that the Habs players had agreed to do a measly five push-ups should they miss a shot on goal during practice, and while everyone was complying with the rule, Beaulieu tried to get out of doing it.

Weber however was having none of it, and quickly instructed Beaulieu to do his part my pointing at the ground, Beaulieu not willing to argue with Weber did the push-ups. It's unclear where Pacioretty was at this time, but one thing is clear, the Habs no longer have soft leadership in the room.