Report: Toronto could still host the Stanley Cup Final

Bob McKenzie goes back on his report that Edmonton has been chosen as the NHL’s Cup Final hub city.

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Well, TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie announced earlier today that Edmonton will serve as the Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Final hub, meaning that the Stanley Cup will be lifted in Edmonton for the first time since a young Wayne Gretzky did so back in 1988.

Check it out:

With Edmonton and Toronto being chosen as the two NHL Hub cities, the question most often asked now is, which of the two will play host to the Stanley Cup final and Conference finals?
The answer, apparently, is Edmonton.

I’m guessing the rationale for that decision is simply based on public health/safety/numbers. Whatever the reason(s), Edmonton it will be.

And while that still may end up being the case, McKenzie is amending his previous report to say that Toronto has NOT been eliminated as a host city for the Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Final.

Check it out:

As a follow up on the perils of play-by-play pandemic reporting, where the only constant is change, it has now been suggested to me that while EDM is quite likely to host the Stanley Cup final, it can’t be called fully locked in at this moment in time.

Okay… so Edmonton is likely to host the Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Final, but so is Toronto? Got it. Clear as mud, Bobby.

The fact is that things are in a constant state of flux with the NHL and the NHLPA as they try to address the myriad of logistics that have to be addressed before the league can return to play. At this point, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that Las Vegas and Los Angeles are back in the mix as hub cities, as poor of an idea as that may be. In any case, there's still much to be sorted out by the league and the players before the players can hit the ice for Stage 4 of their Return to Play plan. Toronto and Edmonton haven't even officially been announced as hub cities and the news surrounding anything hockey related seems to change from day to day, hour to hour even. Stay tuned, hockey fans.