Report: Update on Tyler Seguin after he was unable to practice yesterday.

Details inside.

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There wasn't any major concern when it came to Tyler Seguin's absence from practice yesterday, after all it was revealed immediately that it was due to an illness, but there were some concerns about the severity of the illness and how long it would keep him out of action.

We got that answer today in the form of Tyler Seguin heading back out onto the ice for practice with his Team Canada teammates, obviously a sign that the Stars' star forward had gotten a grip on whatever it was that was ailing him.

It would have been a huge disappointment for fans of the talented forward had the ilness cost him his chance at playing in the tournament, which will be the first time we see him in action since an extremely brief appearance in the National Hockey League playoffs prior to him being injured.

Sportsnet Insider Chris Johston who is on hand for Team Canada's training confirmed the news.