Report: Veteran forward may retire after being placed on waivers.

He may simply decide to walk away.


Normally when a player who's been with a team for an extended length of time decides to move on fans will often give that player a nice farewell.

However in this particular case fans of the Detroit Red Wings, or at the very least a certain segment of that fan base, will be rejoicing at the news of this potential NHL retirement.

Red Wings forward Daniel Cleary has officially cleared waivers, unsurprisingly no NHL franchise was willing to take a chance on him, and now it appears that retirement is a very real possibility for Cleary.

While Cleary himself hasn't made any public comments since clearing waivers at noon on Thursday, general manager Ken Holland did tell the media that he's currently unsure about Cleary's future given that he may not want to report to the team's AHL affiliate.