Report: Wings begging Athanasiou to come back

Will this convince Athanasiou to return?

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The Detroit Red Wings are doing everything possible to agree to a contract extension with restricted free agent Andreas Athanasiou. Despite the long impasse, the Wings are doing their very best to have him in the lineup this season. 

According to the Athletic, the Red Wings had a conference call with Athanasiou and his agent Darren Ferris on Monday. They made sure to communicate, with the help of multiple people from the organization, what his role would be and articulating why the two-year offer is where it currently is.

"They’ve also sweetened the one-year offer a tad from the $1.25 million that was already on the table in an attempt to get him into the mix in the short term."

For the moment, Athanasiou remains in Switzerland where he is staying active on the ice. Athanasiou could still sign with a team in Switzerland and start playing while still being allowed to return to the NHL this season before Dec. 1, as long as his European deal includes a NHL-out clause.

Meanwhile, his trade value drops and the Wings can make sure to hold on to him. 

"Ultimately, the Red Wings are at the point where they just want him on the ice contributing to a team and progressing as a player. The preference remains for it to happen in Detroit," we can read in the Athletic.

Will Athanasiou be seduced by the Wings' approach and return to Detroit?