Reports claim that it’s now too late to trade Subban…

The Preds' offseason plans are coming apart...

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He is used to it by: Nashville Predators defenseman P.K. Subban has had his name dropped in just about every trade rumor for the past calendar year. He even acknowledged the possibility of getting traded at the end of the Predators’ season when faced once again by the media questions. 

“If I'm talking facts, I'm the highest-paid player on this team and with that comes a responsibility. Just like everybody else, the responsibility is on me to take the fact that we didn't win the first round, we didn't get out of the first round and we didn't want to accomplish what we wanted to accomplish. I hope I'm a part of the solution. I hope that I can be here and be part of that, but at the same token I'm prepared to understand that this organization deserves and demands the best, and they should.”

Due to his $ 9 million contract per year, the Predators could look to get rid of Subban in order to have more leeway under the salary cap. The veteran blue liner still has three more seasons to his current deal and it has been reported many times that the Preds will need to make heartbreaking choices ahead of the 2020 draft for the new Seattle expansion.

However two Montreal insiders believe it is now too late to trade Subban. As you know, the Montreal media has remained obsessed with the star defender ever since he left the Canadiens in a blockbuster trade for Shea Weber in 2016. 

TVA Sports’ Yvon Pedneault and Jean-Charles Lajoie claim that Subban should have been traded last season by Nashville, but can’t seem to be able to blame GM David Poile for missing out on that opportunity, 

"We cannot blame Poile for waiting for this summer to move Subban, because there was no urgency with the salary cap back then, but at the same time [...] if you look at his evolution and productivity, maybe it was time last summer, "explains Lajoie during his show on TVA Sports. 

Fans have been trying to guess where Subban could end up, and while the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks have previously come out, the Philadelphia Flyers are also been mentioned in the chatter. 

However, if we listen to Pedneault and Lajoie, no one will dare to make a move on Subban after all…