Ridiculous trade rumour emerges after Subban posts picture on social media

​This is hilarious! Are we that desperate for action in the NHL?

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When it comes to New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban, we are used to crazy stuff and funny encounters. However this time, it is the fans that made the situation hilarious when the veteran blue liner used the NHL’s social media pages to post a picture of himself on holiday in the Bahamas. 

On Thursday, Subban posted a picture of himself, hanging out on a deck with a couple of sharks. Not the San Jose players bunch, but actual sharks. 

Now, you read the title on top, you see where this is going. Fans started to comment on the picture, suggesting that this was a sign from the blue liner, a message that he was trying to share that he was on the move to San Jose! 

Now you have to admit this is funny. We get that Subban’s name has been mentioned more than once in recent trade chatter even though he was moved to New Jersey last summer. Things have gone his way ever since he was traded by the Montreal Canadiens and ended up with the Predators in Nashville. They had enough of him and now Subban is trying to get back on track with the Devils. 

While he maintains that he is still one of the best defensemen around the league, his statistics sure beg to differ. We could understand if the Devils were already trying to flip him, though a move to San Jose wouldn’t be likely. 

The Sharks already have a top right-shooting defender in Erik Karlsson and we doubt they would pay Subban as much just to throw him on the third defensive pairing. Let’s not forget that Brent Burns, Marc-Edouard Vlasic and Radim Simek are already on the top lines on the back end in San Jose. 

At this point in the offseason, when not much is happening and we are left without any details of when the 2020-21 season will get underway, we cannot blame fans for starting rumours when they see something unusual. 

And with Subban, you just never know…