Rivalry's taking a back seat

This is too one-sided

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The Boston Bruins can’t seem to figure out the Montreal Canadiens whenever they visit. This is the ninth time in a row that the Bruins can’t figure out the Habs at home. It’s getting a little annoying, as one doesn’t get to hear Zombie Nation play as much as one would like every time the Bruins score.

Saturday night, they couldn’t break that streak, dropping the game 4-2 against Montreal. Boston did look like they were outcoaching Montreal in the first period, but lost their momentum come the second period. “[The second period was] terrible, and that’s where it really hurt us," said Claude Julien. "I thought we played well (in the first period) . . . But the second period came back to haunt us.” He also complimented his Team Canada goalie, Carey Price. "[When] you give up four goals to Montreal, and you have Price at the other end, it’s pretty hard to beat that team.

In the third period the Bruins managed to score two goals, picking up the pace, and having a 6-on-3 advantage near the end, but came short of winning.

As Joe Haggerty wrote, “to be a true rivalry, you need equal rivals. And the Bruins, especially at home, aren’t holding up their end of the bargain.