Rookie superstar Elias Pettersson accosted by “fans” in his car.

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Rookie superstar Elias Pettersson accosted by “fans” in his car.

This is certainly not going to be a proud moment for fans in Vancouver, although obviously this does not represent the entire fan base or even a significant portion of it. 

A video published on social media early today shows a rather uncomfortable interaction between Vancouver Canucks rookie superstar Elias Pettersson and a number of fans who hopefully were intoxicated when they engaged in this behavior. In the video Pettersson can be seen sitting in the driver's seat of his automobile while at least two fans are accosting him, with one fan obviously standing out as the main culprit in this incident. 

The fan can be seen directing a pelvic thrust at the man holding up what is presumably a smart phone to film the entire interaction. What the purpose of his pelvic thrusts were or what message he may have been attempting to send by doing so is entirely unclear and again I would simply prefer to chalk this up to drunken behavior on the part of fans, behavior that they hopefully will have the decency to regret once they wake up and see the video on social media.

The best part of the interaction however had to be Pettersson's reaction to the entire thing, something that may have earned even more of my respect for the young man. Pettersson remains calm the entire time until the fans turn around to address him and then, in a comment that likely shattered that fans perception of how things were transpiring, Pettersson calmly destroyed him by telling him to "get away from my car." 

Something tells me that security in the building will be ramped up significantly following this incident, which unfortunately for the fans who were on their best behavior and used the opportunity to genuinely, and in good spirit, approach the players and get some interaction with them. There's always a few people who have to ruin it for everyone, and this unfortunately seems to be the case in this incident. 

Thankfully no one was hurt although the man in blue in the video, a man that some have claimed is a security guard, may have some trouble on his hands if it is indeed his job to provide security for the players.