Rumblings of a trade deal between the Edmonton Oilers and the New York Rangers.

Puljujarvi continues to bide his time in Europe.

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The Edmonton Oilers have, somewhat surprisingly, still not found a solution to the dilemma they currently have surrounding former first round draft selection Jeese Puljujarvi. It has become abundantly clear that the young forward really does have zero intention of ever playing another game for the Oilers organization and it appears from the outside looking in that the only out here for Edmonton Oilers general manager Ken Holland will be to trade the young forward way.

In spite of that seeming like such an obvious move at this point the Oilers have also held firm and have not pulled the trigger on a trade as of yet, presumably with Holland being unsatisfied with the offers he has received for Puljujarvi. That has not stopped the speculation about that potential trade from continuing to run rampant however and now another National Hockey League insider has proposed a trade that he feels could see Puljujarvi playing for the New York Rangers. In a recent article for the New York Post, Rangers insider Larry Brooks indicated that he felt a trade of Puljujarvi for former Rangers first round pick Lias Andersson could help each team get rid of one of their current problems in exchange for another team's problem. To be clear here Brooks acknowledged that the Rangers would almost certainly have to sweeten the deal to get it done, but still felt the trade could be a potential fit.

From Brooks:

So at this point, perhaps it would be best for all concerned to move Andersson in a trade, but what value could he possibly carry? If the team’s semi-interest in winger Jesse Puljujarvi, currently playing in his native Finland as an unsigned Edmonton restricted free agent, escalates over the next couple of weeks, sending Andersson the other way would seem logical.

After all, that would be an exchange of a disappointing fourth-overall for a disappointing seventh-overall. But unfortunately, Peter Chiarelli no longer sits in the Edmonton GM chair and good luck to Jeff Gorton convincing his counterpart Ken Holland that the players have equal value. Because whatever value Andersson has is depleted by the day. It is depleted when he can’t get off the bench. It is depleted when he is stuck on a fourth line on a team that doesn’t go overboard with its usage.

Well earned shots at Peter Chiarelli aside do you agree with Brooks' proposal here? Could you see a Puljujarvi for Andersson trade in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.