Rumor: 5 superstars that could be traded by July 1st according to NHL insiders.

2017 Trade bait board unveiled! Which one would you take?

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2017 Trade Bait board unveiled! Which one would you take? 

We ranked it by “the most interesting/game-changing player.” But the lower you get on that list, the less possible it is they will be traded even if some NHL insider believe the opposite. Following every players’ name you’ll find Sportsnet’s explanation on why they could be moved.

Jordan Eberle:With other holes in the roster to fill, it would make sense for the team to move somebody like Eberle or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, just like they did with last year’s Hall deal.”

Matt Duchene:The Avalanche have been openly shopping him for months now, and it seemed as if he might be moved at the deadline.

Alex Ovechkin:All options seem to be on the table, including hitting the rest button on an entire era by moving the face of the franchise.

John Tavares: "But after yet another playoff miss and with questions looming about the team’s future home, it’s possible Tavares would rather go elsewhere, or at least make it free agency to hear what other teams might offer."

Carey Price:On top of that, the Canadiens desperately need a legitimate No. 1 center, but those guys are almost never traded. Well, here’s one way to get one.”

Bonus: Marc-Andre Fleury, Corey Perry and Corey Schneider

Great job done by Sportsnet’s Sean McIndoe on making a simple recap of the potential superstars that could be moved by July 1st.