Rumor: Apparent leaked audio raises huge question about Red Wings goaltending trade.

This would be huge.

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There is an absolutely stunning video that has emerged online.

Now first it has to be said that this has not been corroborated by anyone other than the uploader of this video, and therefore at this time we are merely treating this as a rumor.

With that being said, the video contains what appears to be leaked audio of what appears to be a conversation between Grand Rapids broadcaster Bob Kaser and Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland, prior to a formal interview between the two parties. 

Why Kaser's audio went out over the air is unclear, but in the video he can be clearly be heard asking Holland if the Red Wings still intend to trade goaltender Petr Mrazek. There have been rumors for some time now that the Red Wings would attempt to move one of their goaltenders, but this would be the best evidence yet.

While some fans would like prefer to see veteran Jimmy Howard moved, Mrazek may have more value as an asset due to both his contract as well as the fact that he is considerably young that Howard. 

You can listen to the audio yourself in the video below.