Rumor : Capitals' veteran UFA defenseman a target for Vegas.

He would bring a lot of experience and skills to the Golden Knights.

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Vegas, Vegas, Vegas... It's pretty much all we've been writing about in the last few days, and for good reasons. The historic expansion draft changes the game in so many ways across the league that it would be a shame to keep it quiet. 

Rumors are now running wild about the expansion draft and who will get picked by Vegas. However, the UFA market will still be hotly contested by the 31 teams in the league too and Vegas will try to get the lion's share of it. According to report, it seems Karl Alzner would be a valuable target for the McPhee's organization. 

The 28 years old just finished a 4 years, 11,2M$ contract with the Capitals and is now free to move wherever he pleases. A former 5th overall in the 2007 entry draft, Alzner is known to be reliable as a shutdown defenseman but not the best offensively speaking. At 6'2'', 214lbs, it can be intimidating to go in the corners to get the puck off his stick too. 

It would makes a lot of sense for Vegas to sign him, as he would bring a lot of experience in the room. The new Vegas team will be an assemblage of a lot of different players and good defense will be a key to the year 1 performance. Alzner could bring a part of the solution for a decent price.