Rumor: Connor McDavid gave the Oilers an ultimatum.

What comes next for McDavid and the Oilers?


The Edmonton Oilers suffered a heartbreaking loss on Sunday night against the Winnipeg Jets. In spite of having a comfortable 4 - 1 lead late in the game's third period, the Oilers completely imploded in Game 3 and as a result there have been all kinds of questions about the future of superstar Connor McDavid and whether or not that future will be with the Oilers.

Former host of Tim & Sid on Sportsnet Sid Seixeiro suggested that McDavid will not put up with the situation in Edmonton for much longer.

Barstool Sports argued that McDavid deserves a better fate than the one he has had with the Oilers.

Those however are just opinions, the real question is how does McDavid himself feel about all of this? For that let's go back two years to an interview that National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman gave on CHED 630. At the time Friedman implied that McDavid and his agent would give the Oilers 2 years to turn things around in Edmonton, a 2 year span that has now come and gone.

The implication from Friedman was that McDavid, his agent, and general manager Ken Holland would have discussed a 2 year plan in which the Oilers would start to get better and be more competitive, but that if things went south McDavid would consider the possibility of requesting a trade to another team.

The Oilers are now staring down the possibility of being eliminated in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against a Winnipeg Jets team that many viewed as a significant underdog coming into this series and I think you would be hard pressed to argue that the Oilers have made significant improvements since McDavid's ultimatum two years ago.

To make things worse for McDavid he is coming off one of the most impressive seasons we've seen in a long time in the National Hockey League. His 33 goals and 72 assists for a combined 105 points in just 56 games this season was outstanding, and I can't imagine the level of frustration he must feel with the current state of his team.

McDavid still has 5 more years on his current contract, a contract that pays him an average annual value of $12.5 million per season so it would be a difficult trade to make, but you know that every single team in the league would try to find a way to make it happen if McDavid does indeed push for a trade this summer.