Rumor: Connor McDavid may be injured.

Very worrying signs for the Oilers.

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The Edmonton Oilers are keeping their proverbial fingers crossed. 

On Saturday night the Edmonton Oilers took on the Nashville Predators, eventually triumphing by a score of 3 - 2, but all the talk following the game is now surrounds the heath and status of Oilers superstar forward Connor McDavid. The Oilers captain appears to have suffered at least some form of minor injury during tonight's contest against the Preds, and as of right now it sounds like the concern is focused on his knee. As of right now we do not know when the injury occurred, however there was a moment during the game's second period that saw McDavid go knee first into the boards.

McDavid would remain in the game following that incident but during the final moments of the game TSN's Ryan Rishaug reported that McDavid was on the bench having a conversation with the Oilers athletic trainer. Of course you can not tell anything based on a conversation you are not a part of, but based on the description from Rishaud it made this sound like more than just a minor issue.

"McDavid having a long chat on the bench with athletic therapist T.D. Forss in the break - careful to cover his mouth so no cameras could pick up what he was saying" wrote Rishaug. "Remains on the bench."

McDavid did remain in the game though so you might simply brush that off, however following the game the Oilers then announced to the assembled members of the media that the Oilers captain would not be available this evening as he was currently being assessed by the team's staff. This again would appear to point to some type of injury, however there may be good news on that front as well. If Edmonton Oilers head coach Dave Tippett is to be believed this will not turn out to be a serious injury, Tippett was asked about McDavid's absence and he downplayed the whole situation.

According to the Oilers bench boss his star forward had a bruise above his knee and that McDavid himself insisted that he was good to go when asked about his status between periods. Tippett added that the team does not believe this to be a serious injury at this time, and hopefully those predictions will remain accurate.