Rumor: Crazy talk of Tavares signing a one-year deal with the Leafs.

Absolutely bonkers talk around Tavares and the Leafs.

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While the rumors regarding a possible move to the Toronto Maple Leafs from National Hockey League star John Tavares has long been rumored, this by far is the most crazy theory we've heard on the topic. 

Earlier this week Craig Button was a guest on TSN and he made some of the most extreme statements we've heard thus far regarding a potential connection between the New York Islanders captain and the Leafs.

"I think it's a very good possibility," said Button.

"I'm proposing a one-year deal for John Tavares while Auston Matthews and Mitchell Marner are still on entry-level contracts."

While this theory may seem absolutely insane to the average hockey fan, Button did attempt to justify it by pointing out that there was precedent for this type of move.

Button cited the decision by Marian Hossa to sign a one-year deal with the Detroit Red Wings for the 2008-2009 season, presumably because he wanted to maximize his chances of winning a Stanley Cup. 

Button also cites the fact that head coach Mike Babcock was believed to have played a significant role in that decision, a role he could in theory play once again to bring Tavares to Toronto. 

All that being said, this one still seems extremely far fetched, but if it comes to fruition Button will look like a prophet.