Rumor: Cup contender look to pull off blockbuster trade!

Their star player is aging... they need the perfect remplacement for this new era!

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The New York Islanders have come out west to face the San Jose Sharks tonight, and GM Doug Wilson is certainly take a close look at star player John Tavares, who could become the hottest commodity on the trade market before the Deadline. 

The Isles captain and team management have yet to hammer out a contract extension, and with the uncertain future of the team and the location of their arena, Tavares won't decide where he goes until the situation is cleared up.

Wilson, on the other hand, is looking for a star player for the looming post-Joe Thornton era of Sharks hockey, and Tavares could be the answer, according to Mercury News

"Tavares could wind up being the exception this summer or at the trade deadline because of the continued uncertainly hovering over the Islanders arena situation, giving the Sharks a unique opportunity to acquire an elite player in his prime years," Mercury News wrote. 

It is also reported that the Sharks could decide to turn to Colorado Avalanche's Matt Duchene, but the asking price remains too steep for now. 

But with Patrick Marleau gone, Thornton in his last good year - Tavares could be the answer for the Sharks, who will get to see his talent first hand tonight.