Rumor: Former NHL captain likely to be bought out of his contract.

Huge contract could be bought out.

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It sounds like one former National Hockey League captain may soon be the target of a buyout.

Sportsnet's Sean McIndoe recently took a look at players who could soon be leaving their teams, and one of the names near the top of that list was that of former Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown.

While there have been rumors that the Kings have been attempting to trade Brown for some time now, McIndoe believes the contract "may be untradeable." This would leave the Kings with just one option to move on from Brown's $6 million dollar cap hit per season, a buyout. 

Supporting McIndoe's belief is the fact that the current Kings' management did not give Brown his contract and, while they may give him a chance to turn it around, it seems likely they will cut ties if it continues to look like one of the worst deals in the NHL.

How likely is Brown to get bought out? McIndoe rate's his chances of remaining with the Kings at a measly 30%.