Rumor: Former NHL star Martin St. Louis may be making big moves behind the scenes.

Something big coming from St. Louis.

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A very interesting name has crept back into the rumor mill, and that name belongs to former National Hockey League star Martin St. Louis.

On Monday Sportsnet insider John Shannon reported that St. Louis would be joining the "financial world" when he becomes part of a new investment group known only as "Seven7." While not much is known about Seven7 at this time, what we do know is very interesting. 

According to Shannon St. Louis will be joined by  Jeff Hamilton, Michael Blum, Keith McCullough and Daryl Jones, all men who once played for Yale's hockey program, but two names stand out among that list. 

Both Keith McCullough and Daryl Jones are former NHL owners, albeit minority owners with one of the NHL's most troubled franchises the Arizona Coyotes. This has led to speculation that this group could be looking to secure an NHL franchise of their own, whether that be another expansion team or a current NHL team. 

These are nothing but rumors at this time, but it will be very interesting to see if St. Louis becomes another Mario Lemieux and eventually owns at least part of his own NHL team.