Rumor: Former teammate hints at a potential new destination for Jumbo Jo.

Brace yourself, it’ll be a crazy summer.

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Brace Yourself, It’ll Be a Crazy Summer

The San Jose Sharks have the two best players in the history of their organization set to be free agents this summer, and by the sounds of it they aren’t any closer to getting a deal done with either man. Would the Sharks be willing to commit over $5 million against the cap for an aging Joe Thornton? If they don’t you can bet that there is likely at least one NHL team out there willing to make exactly that level of commitment should it mean acquiring someone of Thornton’s pedigree. 

Former teammates hinted at a potential new destination for Jumbo Jo on RDS sports network. P.J. Stock, NHL insider a former NHLer has information that Joe Thornton would like to end his career in Toronto.

However, Stock added that his information might change by July 1st as Jumbo Joe will be a coveted player (if he doesn’t sign with San Jose).

What would be the price to pay according to you? Should the Leafs pursue him?