RUMOR: Insider proposes INSANE trade for Alex Ovechkin if the Caps lose the series.

Should the Caps think of trading Ovechkin?

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Insider proposes INSANE trade for Alex Ovechkin if the caps lose the series

John Feinstein, author of 36 books, contributor to Golf Channel, Washington Post, and Army Football radio network was invited to comment the what so-called Alexander Ovechkin situation with the Caps as the teams are trailing down 3-1 on their series against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

He started by saying that if the Washington Capitals lose the series, the Caps should trade Ovechkin.

I know that sounds insane, but he’s tradeable, he’s only 31 and he’s still hell of a player,” said Feinstein. “You could get a lot of return for him” he continued.

His point is, with Ovechkin and the actual Washington Capitals roster, it’ll be tough to beat the Penguins next year and so on. So time has come, according to John Feinstein to change the face of the organization.

The problems with all that INSANE trade proposal? FOR WHAT? FOR WHAT? It’s one thing to say “Trade Ovechkin” but you’ll need something in return. Something like Carey Price? John Tavares? No way. It has to be through a major package deal that would change the entire core of the organization.

What’s the goal? To rebuild around Kuzntezov and Orlov? Or they should rather change Ovechkin to change the core leadership group. Teams with a lot of depth (like Minnesota and St. Louis as examples) could be interested to trade for a huge package deal.