Rumor: Kerry Fraser to help beloved former player become an NHL referee!

Kerry Fraser to help birth a new NHL referee?

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Given the current state of the officiating in the National Hockey League, I can not imagine that many fans around the league would object to a move of this nature.

Following yet another officiating controversy in Game 4 of the Western Conference Final former National Hockey League forward Scott Hartnell took to social media to comment on the current state of officiating in the game. Unlike most people who like to merely complain about poor officiating in the National Hockey League, all the while offering no solutions to the problem, it sounds like Hartnell actually wants to do something about it. In fact he may even want to make a 2nd career out of it.

Hartnell's message on social media was first and foremost one of respect towards both the referees and the linesmen in the National Hockey League who work on a daily basis, but also one acknowledging the current problems in the NHL. Shockingly it appears that Hartnell feels the situation is so bad that he himself is now considering the possibility of becoming an NHL official himself, and who better to call a game than a guy who played the game on its edge during his entire career? 

"I have a lot of respect for all referees and linesman but if I get enough retweet’s I might try out to be one," wrote Hartnell on twitter.

Now Hartnell has not specified how many retweets it would take for him to actually take up the challenge and attempt to start his 2nd career as an NHL official, but he currently sits at nearly 5,000 retweets so I think it is safe to say that many are very interested in the idea. For one it would be extremely easy to spot him in and around the ice with those majestic locks of hair flowing behind him, and Hartnell is also extremely well respected and even loved by players and fans alike, so he seems like a natural fit for a position that usually receives a lot of hate.

What makes this even more interesting however is that legendary NHL official Kerry Fraser has caught wind of Hartnell's tweet and has himself offered to help Hartnell on 2 different occasions now. 

Fraser comments are obviously meant to be humorous, and they are, but I also believe that he would genuinely help Hartnell if it came down to it.