RUMOR : Key goalie is either injured or a trade is happening!

AHL goalie joins the team, something must be up.

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The Sabers have recalled goalie Linus Ullmark from the Rochester Americans this afternoon.  

The move is strange, considering Ullmark wasn't with his team yesterday but wasn't recalled until after lunch today.

Dan Bylsma is scheduled to discuss the issue around 5 pm today and many questions need answering. Is Lehner injured? He got banged up but finished the game on his feet yesterday. A real day off might be simply offered as a way to heal him completely. 

Was Ullmark recalled to fill the gap in the event Anders Nillson was being traded? The backup goalie is doing fine and many contending team would appreciate his skills as an insurance for a deep run.  

Anyway, we'll report back with more infos later today.