Rumor: Leafs could soon bring back a very familiar face.

Leafs may soon bring back a familiar veteran.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs now have an empty slot on their roster with the departure of defenseman Alexey Marchenko, and while there is nothing certain as of yet, it sounds like it may be a familiar face returning to the line up.

Leafs reporter Michael Augello‏ of the Sporting News Canada believes that the open roster spot on the Leafs roster could be potentially be filled either by collegiate hockey standout Will Butcher, or former Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Roman Polak.

Now it seems fair to say that Butcher would be the much bigger prize for the Leafs as he is not only a very young defenseman, but has tremendous potential upside in the National Hockey League. 

That being said a gritty veteran like Polak would also likely be welcomed back by Leaf fans should the Maple Leafs opt to sign him to fill that vacant spot on their roster.