Rumor: Max Domi headed to Seattle.

Domi headed to the Kraken?


Today is going to be a huge day in the National Hockey League because every team around the league must submit their list of protected players for the upcoming expansion draft by today's deadline of 5 pm Eastern time. No doubt there will be some hurt feelings and more than a few angry fans when all the names on those lists, and the ones that have been left off of them, are revealed but I suspect that we may begin to learn who will be going to Seattle even before the lists are fully submitted.

For example in the case of the Columbus Blue Jackets there are already some rumors about which players will be left unprotected and perhaps even which one of their players will be headed to Seattle next week. The latest comes from NHL insider Darren Dreger who is reporting that the Blue Jackets intend to expose veteran forward Max Domi in the draft, somewhat of a surprising move given that the Blue Jackets only recently acquired Domi via a trade. Dreger is also reporting that he would be "surprised" if the Kraken did not claim Domi in the expansion draft, which could mean that we already know the identity of the player that the Blue Jackets will be losing.

As I said Domi was only recently acquired by the Blue Jackets making this a somewhat curious move. Domi was of course traded in October of last year along with a third round draft pick by the Montreal Canadiens to the Blue Jackets in exchange for then restricted free agent forward Josh Anderson. That being said I think it would be fair to suggest that Domi did not exactly shine during his time with the Blue Jackets, appearing in 54 games and recording 9 goals and 15 assists for a combined 24 points and finishing the regular season with a plus minus rating of -18.

The former 1st round pick (12th overall) was selected at the 2013 NHL Entry Draft by the Coyotes but has been unable to find a stable spot in the NHL, playing just 3 seasons with the Coyotes, 2 with the Canadiens, and perhaps now just a single season with the Blue Jackets. If Domi is indeed exposed in the draft and if he does indeed get selected by the Kraken next week, it would make them already the 4th franchise he has played for since joining the league.