Rumor: Pacioretty is playing his final games as captain of the Canadiens.

Habs captain on his way out?

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A National Hockey League captain may be playing out his final weeks with the team he currently leads. 

Boston Bruins insider Jimmy Murphy is reporting that based on recent conversations he has had with sources within the National Hockey League, as well as based on recent comments by Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty, that he believes Pacioretty will be traded prior to the NHL trade deadline in February.

It's an incredibly bold claim from Murphy and one that he believes Pacioretty has brought this on himself by throwing both his coach and teammates under the bus. 

"he needs to stop with the subtle throwing coaches or teammates under bus," wrote Murphy.

It's not entirely clear what particular comments from Pacioretty Murphy is referencing here, although it may be that the comments were made behind closed doors rather than to the public. 

Murphy went on to add that he does not feel Pacioretty will ever be a "great captain" and presumably for that reason the Canadiens must move on from him sooner rather than latter. 

"Someone willing to pay the price on and off the ice for his teammates," said Murphy of what it takes to be a great captain. "Blaming line combinations and styles of teammates doesn't fit that description. Hence bad captain!"

No comment from Murphy on where he thinks Pacioretty could play out his season after the trade deadline.