Rumor: Rutherford will finally make a major move after tonight

Will you cheer for the Pens tonight knowing that if they lose, something huge could happen?

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There's been all this talk that Jim Rutherford is preparing a major trade - and while a report surfaced that he had one on hold prior to the roster freeze, there's yet to be any action - leading people to wonder - when is this trade actually going to happen.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette beat reporter Jason Mackey believes that a trade hinges on the team's performance tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes.

"If they lose tonight, I'd look for something. If they don't, I think GMJR won't mess with what they're doing right now," Mackey revealed.

Now, nothing is set in stone - as it takes two to tango and as much as Rutherford might decide now is the time to pull the trigger on a deal, it will take a consenting party to make something happen.

The reason Mackey believes a trade will occur in short order with a loss tonight is because of what that loss would represent - inconsistency. The team clawed its way back into a game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Wednesday, and proved their mettle. 

But, if after that performance, they manage yet another loss, to a divisional rival no less - it will likely be the last straw for Rutherford. The playoff race will be intense until game 82, and he sees this team as a playoff team. 

And he will do what he has to in order to get them to the big show once more.