Rumor: Top NHL insider reveals Canadiens are “aggressively pursuing” Duchene and Tavares

He even hints at a conspiracy theory!

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The Montreal Canadiens have just shy of $8.5 million in available cap space as the upcoming season is about to start, and the team's potential spending power led NHL insider Pierre LeBrun to speculate what the Habs will do with this money. 

On the air of Vancouver's TSN 1040 on Tuesday, LeBrun pinpointed the Canadiens' offensive deficiencies and how the money should be used to fix them. And the insider of course brought out the names of coveted forwards into the conversation. 

"No question, boy, could the Montreal Canadiens use John Tavares.

“And listen, if you’re going to do the conspiracy theory on it, Marc Bergevin also has a very close relationship with Pat Brisson, who – oh – is the agent for John Tavares. Then again, Pat Brisson is also the agent for Matt Duchene, who I think is looking for a change of scenery and would also, frankly, I think, be a terrific fit in Montreal."

No matter what, one thing is certain. The Canadiens have spending money and LeBrun is sure it will be used before the Trade Deadline. 

“At the end of the day, regardless of who it ends up being,  I really do think that the Canadiens are going to be aggressive on that end over the next few weeks and months."

Let's keep an eye on it, Habs fans!