Rumor: Veteran defenseman has blocked a major trade.

Defenseman all but confirms the rumors.

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There was a huge rumor earlier this year regarding Florida Panthers Jason Demers, and while we may merely be reading too much into it, it sounds like we now have confirmation of that rumor. 

Initially TSN insider Pierre LeBrun had reported that Demers had blocked a major trade between the aforementioned Panthers and the Vancouver Canucks by using his eight team no-trade clause. 

Now, roughly two months after that initial report from LeBrun, Demers himself has commented on the situation after he was asked directly about whether or not he had in fact blocked the trade.

“I can’t really comment on that. It is what it is, and Pierre’s got his sources. He’s going to tweet his stuff. That’s between my agent and me and Dale, but I’m going to camp right now a Panther,” Demers said as per Luke Fox of Sportsnet.

“I’m going in ready for the season. I’m going to be a part of them for four more years. I have to make sure I have a way better year than last year, as a team and personally.”

This likely won't sit particularly well with fans in Vancouver, however Demers did negotiate the no-trade as part of his contract and it was well within his rights to block the move.