Rumour: Mitch Marner’s mental health questioned for 2021-22

This is troubling news out of Toronto…


This has been a rough couple of months for Toronto Maple Leafs’ Mitch Marner, especially if he is keen to see what’s happening on social media. It’s no secret that Marner is one of the highest-paid athletes on Toronto’s roster, with an AAV of nearly $11 million. However, he did not deliver in the postseason, especially for the amount of cash he gets, and fans remain mad at him. 

We clearly saw it when the forward announced his engagement on social media, and fans were quick to blast him on why he was not as engaged in the postseason, in which the Leafs got, once again, ousted in the first round. 

Since entering the league in 2016-17, Marner has already set a standard as a point-per-game player and his prowess improves annually. Fans are just hoping that he can do the same when it matters most : in the postseason in order to get the Maple Leafs their long-awaited Stanley Cup. 

All of this negativity got TSN’s Aaron Ward stating that Marner’s mental health could be affected and how this is a lot of pressure for the young player. 

“The cloud in Toronto is, Mitch Marner got absolutely eviscerated coming out of the playoffs, how does a relatively young guy recover from that mentally and in a market where they expect a lot even though they don’t get a lot, their expectations are high.”

We have no clue how Marner has been handling the criticism ahead of next season, especially when fans are already focused on the postseason. It sounds like even though Marner does great, as always in the regular calendar, folks will want to see what he can do when it matters most… 

Ward seems to think that his mental health could be at risk, and that’s for sure not something anyone wants for another human being. 

Let’s hope fans in Toronto can start fresh with Marner, especially when the postseason comes around…