Sabres and Rangers want the Blues to lose tonight's Game 7!

There is a lot on the line…

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Most fans will be watching the do or die Game 7 between the St. Louis Blues and the Dallas Stars and they won’t be the only ones keeping an eye on the final result. 

The Buffalo Sabres will be watching and will be rooting for the Stars. Not because they’ve become fans, but particularly because there is a lot of the line for the Eastern club. 

If the Blues lose tonight in Game 7 against the Stars, they would end up with either the 19th or 18th overall pick. That means the Sabres would then receiver St. Louis' pick, while the Ducks get the Sharks' pick later in the first round.

There are 9 or 10 draft positions on the line for the Sabres tonight… 

It’s exciting to see new teams heading into the Western Conference finals; the Stars haven't made it to the WCF since the 2007-08 season and the Blues haven't made it that far since the 2015-16 season. 

The Sabres will hope the Stars will get that chance so they can benefit from it. Same goes for the New York Rangers, who will also be cheering on Dallas. According to Cap Friendly, if the Stars win therefore the 2019 2nd round pick Dallas sent the Rangers as part of the Mats Zuccarello trade will become a 1st round pick instead. That would give the Rangers three 1st round picks this June.