Seattle NHL group narrows team name down to 5 options

Some solid options. What's your choice?

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We’re still two years away from Seattle taking the ice in the NHL, but we’re FINALLY nearing a decision the league’s 32nd team. When the team’s management group named Ron Francis as their first general manager in history, they also announced that a team name would be chosen and made public in “early 2019.”

While several ideas have been pitched from fans and media alike, the Seattle group has never formally endorsed or denied any options. They did, however, register 38 different Internet domain names representing 13 different team names. 

They are:

* Seattle Cougars
* Seattle Eagles
* Seattle Emeralds
* Seattle Evergreens
* Seattle Firebirds
* Seattle Kraken
* Seattle Rainiers
* Seattle Renegades
* Seattle Sea Lions
* Seattle Seals
* Seattle Sockeyes
* Seattle Totems
* Seattle Whales

Now, the team has evidently narrowed that list down to just five names. Earlier today at Seattle’s historic Space Needle, the Seattle NHL franchise contributed a sealed envelope with their “final five names” to a time capsule to be opened in 2062.

Check it out:

Come on, Kraken!

In all honesty, my money’s on the Seattle Sockeyes or the Seattle Totems.