Senators share more good news regarding the health of Scott Sabourin.

More good news on the health of the injured Sabourin.

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It was a terrifying incident on Saturday night but thankfully all of the updates that we are now receiving regarding the health of Ottawa Senators forward Scott Sabourin have been overwhelmingly positive. 

On Monday the Ottawa Senators revealed some more good news when they announced that Sabourin had officially been discharged from hospital and returned to Ottawa last night, likely a great feeling after being forced to stay in hospital overnight and having to be away from his teammates as they continued to travel. It does not sound like Sabourin is completely out of the water yet though as the Senators made it very clear that Sabourin will continue to recover while being observed by the organizations medical staff. Nonetheless the fact that he was well enough to travel and is now back home has to be considered a terrific sign all things considered. 

Sabourin of course was injured in a  truly horrific incident on Saturday night when a routine body check on Boston Bruins veteran quickly turned catastrophic. Although it was a clean hit both from Sabourin himself as well as from Backes, the whiplash of the impact caused their two heads to collide and left Sabourin out on his feet. Unconscious on his feet Sabourin was entirely unable to protect himself from the fall and would faceplant into the ice hard playing surface as a result, leaving him with some serious looking lacerations to the face as well as with a fractured nose. It goes without saying that Sabourin was concussed on the play as well and no doubt that will prove to be the most serious injury coming out of the incident, which although serious is still great news considering how much worse things could have been.

David Backes was also visibly shaken up by the entire incident and would eventually leave the Bruins bench in tears after seeing Sabourin wheeled out on a stretcher. Although we did not know it initially as it turns out Backes was also concussed on the play, although this has only officially been described as an "upper body injury" thus far, and would not return to the game due to injury. A scary moment all around but one that thankfully appears to be nowhere near as bad as it could have been for all of those involved.