Sens fans hoped Robert Kraft was serious about buying the team!

​This was trending on social media and you can see why!

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Talk about getting your hopes up… 

It all started when @SensDiehardz published a tweet from their account, causing Senators fans to briefly fantasize about the possibility of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft having an interest in purchasing the NHL team in Ottawa.

“Kathryn Kraft (Robert Kraft’s granddaughter) posted this on Snapchat today…..Take a look at the emojis. Please buy the team,” @SensDiehardz’s tweet read at 12:11 p.m. ET on Oct. 5.

You can see why Senators fans got excited: everyone in Ottawa is sick of owner Eugene Melnyk, who keeps getting caught in shady situations and less and less involved with the team. 

Just last week, the Senators set embarrassing low in attendance for a game against the defending Stanley Cup champions St. Louis Blues. It felt like the fans were sending a message to Melnyk. It wasn’t be the first time Senators fans are blunt about how they feel towards the controversial owner. Fans remembers the departure of beloved Daniel Alfredsson and the comments he made at the centennial game. And we all know how he feels about spending money…

Fans decided that the tweet meant that it could be possible for Kraft to purchase the Senators and unfortunately got their hopes up as the story went viral and out of control. 

However, TSN’s Ian Mendes clarified the story, which ended being false. Robert Kraft does not have a granddaughter named Kathryn and the story only had shelf life of a few hours.

Mendes reached out to the person who runs the @SensDiehardz account via direct message and asked if they would participate in a phone interview to give their version of how the events unfolded.

“I didn’t make this up. I would never do that because I know what this franchise means to the people of Ottawa.”
“We’ve always just known her as Robert Kraft’s granddaughter. That’s the way she’s always presented herself on Snapchat. And that’s definitely how my circle of friends has known her,” @SensDiehardz said. “So I honestly thought it was real.”

If the owner of the account could do it again he would not post the picture. 

“Probably not – I wouldn’t want to get anybody’s hopes up, so I would say no, I probably wouldn’t have posted it,” @SensDiehardz said.