Sharks' Blichfeld suspended for head shot on MacKinnon

The hammer of justice falls on Sharks rookie.


In case you missed it last night, San Jose Sharks forward Joachim Blichfeld was assessed an illegal hit to the head penalty for absolutely crushing Colorado Avalanche star Nathan MacKinnon. 

Here is the hit in question:

As a result the Sharks forward has been assessed a two game suspension from NHL Player Safety.

Check it out:

MacKinnon left the game and did not return, leaving Avs fans to think the worst about their superstar player. Avs head coach Jared Bednar confirmed after that game though that MacKinnon is "doing good."

"He seems to be doing good. I think we get lucky on it," he said, according to The Athletic's Peter Baugh. "...As of right now he seems to be fine."

That's certainly a relief, but you never know what sort of symptoms have surface a day later. Here's hoping Big Nate Mack can shake off any last effects because the juggernaut Avs just aren't the same team without him in the lineup.