Sharks’ Pavelski slams Leafs and media over Nylander-Gate

Boom! Roasted!

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Even though the Toronto Maple Leafs in the midst of a California road trip, the team’s drama just can’t help but follow them around. After disposing of the Los Angeles Kings 5-1 last night, the Leafs are now in Northern California to take on the San Jose Sharks tomorrow evening and Sharks captain Joe Pavelski couldn’t help himself from taking a dig at the assembled media in San Jose this morning.

Check it out:

Joe Pavelski, playfully needling the Toronto media: "You guys need a few more Nylander articles out there. It's been kind of quiet out there."


Pavelski is, of course, referring to all the speculation surrounding unsigned Leafs free agent William Nylander and his future with the team. It seems like every day there’s a new rumour with Nylander, so clearly Pavelski isn’t being facetious with his comments. 

To be honest though… we love it. The Toronto media market and Leafs Nation can get a little too self-important, so it’s great to see a guy like Pavelski poke fun at things from the outside. 

Great job, Joe! Thumbs up!