Shea Weber calls insider to discuss important matter

The Habs’ captain reached out to many insiders on Friday.

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Montreal Canadiens defenseman Shea Weber knows how to use his stature to get a message across in an NHL dressing room. The Habs’ captain is well-respected across the league and on Friday, he used all that to his advantage when he contacted many insiders. 

As revealed by Michael Farber, contributor for Sports Illustrated and TSN, Weber personally called him on Friday to discuss an important matter during the NHL shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

He told him how to stay safe. And knowing Weber, you better listen. 

“Just picked up the phone. Shea Weber was calling. He was reminding me of how to stay safe. I guess he called many of you, too. Thanks, Shea. I will listen to Man Mountain.”

You have to admit that is very nice from Weber, who wants to make sure everyone remains safe in this situation. 

You have no choice. When Shea Weber says stay home you stay home.