Shesterkin mocks “DeAngelo incident” and jokingly attacks Panarin after win

The look on Igor's face is priceless!


Who says Russians don't have a sense of humor?

Following tonight's 4-2 victory over the Washington Capitals, New York Rangers players Igor Shesterkin and Artemi Panarin had some fun at their own team's expense with a mock fight meant to parody the "Tony DeAngelo incident" from this past weekend.

Check out Shesterkin turning toward Panarin in the tunnel and then mockingly attacking him before the pair end up laughing it off:


I would have LOVED to see Panarin's face there.

If you're a bit lost on this entire sequence, you must have either been living under a rock for the past week or you've just chosen to block the words "Tony DeAngelo" from your memory bank. DeAngelo, of course, was waived by the Rangers after an altercation with teammate Alexandar Georgiev last week in a story that had everyone in the NHL talking. 

Judging by the Rangers' lighthearted dig at themselves though, the team seems to have moved on. Who knows? In hindsight this whole DeAngelo could be the thing that really brings this team together. Crazier things have happened.