Shestyorkin shoves Marchand during intense play!

You gotta love it when the goalie gets involved!


Before the start of the game between the New York Rangers and Boston Bruins on Friday, it felt like we already knew it was going to be an intense one. 

It began when Brad Marchand wanted to be the last one on the MSG ice. Rangers’ Mika Zibanejad was having none of it. The two players therefore got into an epic standoff, spending more than seven extra minutes on the ice to be the last one standing. Zambonis went around them, but neither was giving up. Zibanejed then challenged Marchand to a rock-paper-scissors showdown match, which the Rangers’ star player won. Marchand was forced to leave the ice first, with Mika the ultimate winner. 

Then, during the first period, Marchand was playing his usual gritty game and came rushing towards Blue Shirts goalie Igor Shestyorkin in order to create a play, and potentially put his Bruins up front. 

This time, Shestyorkin was having none of it. 

The camera caught the netminder shoving Marchand on the ice as he staked towards him. Check out the intensity of this hit: 

You gotta love it when the goalie gets involved! Clearly, Marchand gets under the skin of everyone, goalie included!