Shocking trade rumors involving one of the NHL's top defensemen.

After a bad season from his team could he really be traded?

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Normally a rumor of this magnitude would need to come from multiple sources before we run with it, but given that the single source we have is TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie, one of the best in the business, it's certainly legitimate.

McKenzie dropped a bombshell on TSN's 1050 radio in Canada just moments ago when he revealed that the Montreal Canadiens will likely be looking at multiple trade options during the offseason, something that makes sense given their commitment to staying the course with their head coach Michel Therrien.However it was McKenzie's about one player in particular that came as a shock.

McKenzie stated that he would be shocked if the Canadiens did not exercise all of their options on trade market during the offseason, including discussing the possibility of trading defenseman P.K. Subban before the no-trade clause in his contract kicks in. Needless to say a trade of this magnitude would be a blockbuster, but it would likely be extremely difficult given that Subban is coming off the first real injury of his National Hockey League career, and has not played since being injured.