Sidney Crosby fans flip out at Brandon Dubinsky for insulting the star player

Things are heating up on social media!


It is no secret: Columbus Blue Jackets’ Brandon Dubinsky has no love for Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

On Thursday, Dubinsky did not mince his words when talking about the famous Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin debate on the Garage Beer Podcasts. 

“Everybody wants to talk about Sid and Ovi or whatever. Dude, fuck Sid. I’ll take Ovi any day of the week.”

Dubinsky followed it up with another rude comment on Twitter on Friday, with the stats to prove his point. 

And he got a lot of heat for it from Crosby fans who came out to defend their favourite player. Even Sportsnet's Jeff Marek defended Crosby. 

Some of them had great things to say about the Pens’ captain, who we cannot deny is a fantastic player. And at least, Dubinsky knows he’s shit next to Crosby. But he does not seem to realize that he whines more about Crosby than Sid does in general on the ice. 

But he can probably handle all of these comments better than Sid would: