Slava Voynov dares to complain about NHL rejection!

He seems to act like he didn’t do anything wrong!

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I feel like we should all be extremely happy that defenseman Slava Voynov made the smart move - for once in his life - to stay home in Russia. 

Last month, it was revealed that Voynov chose to stay in the KHL, inking a one-year deal with Avangard. 

When talking to Sport24 insider Daria Tuboltseva on Monday, it felt like the defenseman went on to complain about his suspension from the NHL and said some controversial things about the case that landed him in hot water back in 2014. 

In May, arbitrator Shyam Das upheld NHL commission Gary Bettman’s decision that Voynov be suspended for the equivalent of one NHL season, but found that he is to be credited with having already served 41 games of such suspension during the 2018-19 regular season.Therefore, Voynov could have been able to play for an NHL team early in January of 2020. 

‘Year ago I decided to get back to the NHL. I was OK to wait for a decision. We had a lot of meetings with the league’s office but I couldn’t imagine it would take so much time. And I don’t get why my injury was a factor [to postpone suspension]’
‘When I first met Bettman he asked me what do I expect. Told him I thought I’d have 41 games suspension. But NHL’s investigation took 6 months. They talked to my wife and tried to find some witnesses although there couldn’t be any. I think they just played for time.”

The suspension came after it was alleged that Voynov caused “great bodily harm” to his wife Marta Varlamova in a domestic argument. Voynov was suspended indefinitely by the NHL and he eventually had his contract terminated by the Los Angeles Kings.

In his latest comments, stating that they tried to find some witnesses although there couldn’t be any, makes it seems like Voynov is brushing off the incident like it was nothing…

However, officers testified that Varlamova told police Voynov punched, kicked, and choked her, and that her face was cut after Voynov pushed her into a flat-screen television. The officer also testified to seeing a laceration above Varlamova’s left eye, blood streaming, and red marks on her neck. Voynov’s attorney claimed that police misunderstood Varlamova because she doesn’t speak English and maintained she “fell down.”

That story still makes me cringe… If he wants us to get over all of these shocking details, then he should just shut up and get over his suspension too!