Some teams will carry 4 goalies into postseason!

​See why and how that’s possible!

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NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced Tuesday the league is planning a 24-team Return to Play format, but NHL insider Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet later shared some important details on the protocol. 

Friedman tweeted later on Tuesday that there will be two exhibition games held per team, and each club will be allowed to have 28 skaters and as many goalies as you wish to carry on its roster. 

This prompted reporter Chris Johnston to add that some teams plan to carry four goaltenders because it’s not hard to imagine another Ayres-like situation if they’ve only got three.

We all remember when David Ayres became a hockey hero. The emergency goaltender, who serves as the Toronto Marlies’ Zamboni driver, suited up for the Carolina Hurricanes after both of their goaltenders got hurt back on Feb. 22. Ayres helped the Canes defeat his home team with a final score of 6-3, an NHL first.

While it was exciting in the regular season, no team wants to be caught without an experienced goalie in between their pipes during the playoffs. That’s why it is believed some are looking to get all of their prospects eligible to play on the roster for the postseason.