Stanley Cup Champion snubbed from NHL Network's top 10 goalie list.

Veteran goaltender snubbed bu the NHL Network.

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The NHL Network, the official broadcast network for the National Hockey League, recently published their list of the NHL's top 10 goaltenders and one omission from that list has caused quite a stir among one fan base in particular.

The name notably absent from the list is that of former multi-time Stanley Cup Champion Corey Crawford. Making things worse for Crawford is the fact when you consider how some of the other names on the list performed this season, fans of the Blackhawks may have good reason to believe their goalie was indeed snubbed.

First the list of goalies selected by the NHL Network for their top 10 are the following:

Carey Price - Montreal Canadiens

Braden Holtby - Washington Capitals

Segei Bobrovsky - Columbus Blue Jackets

Matt Murray - Pittsburgh Penguins

Devan Dubnyk - Minnesota Wild

Jonathan Quick - Los Angeles Kings

Cam Talbot - Edmonton Oilers

Henrik Lundqvist - New York Rangers

Martin Jones - San Jose Sharks

Pekka Rinne - Nashville Predators

The two names who stand out are also fellow former Stanley Cup Champions, those being both Jonathan Quick and Henrik Lundqvist. In Quick's case, not only did he have weaker numbers than Crawford last season, but there's also the fact that he barely played at all due to a major injury. 

Crawford had a .918 save percentage on the season and a 2.55 goals against average over his 55 appearances with the Blackhawks this past season. Quick had similar numbers wit ha .917 save percentage and a 2.26 goals against average, however he appeared in only 17 games. 

Lundqvist on the other hand had noticeably weaker numbers, putting up a .910 save percentage and 2.72 goals against average, and at times last season looked like the weaker of the two goalies in the Rangers repertoire with Antti Raanta having a very strong season. 

Do you feel Crawford was snubbed by the NHL network? Are there any other names who belong on this list? Who would you remove if you had to make room for Crawford or any other goaltender? 

Let us know in the comments below.