Stunning rumour surfaces on Fleury potential trade!

We can see why it works, and why it just can't!

Stunning rumour surfaces on Fleury potential trade!

Alright, we don’t think this one is going to work, but we are going to tell you what it’s all about. 

As you know it all started thank to National Hockey League player agent Allan Walsh who decided it’d be a good idea to post a graphic image on social media, one that showed his client, Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury being impaled by a gigantic looking sword.

This not only got a lot of players and pundits wondering why the agent did so, but also got the ball rolling on many rumours about Fleury’s future in Sin City.

Cue to the trade rumours, and they have been coming in the past few days. On Monday night, Pierre McGuire added one in the mix while on the air of TSN690, and this one is just stunning. 

He wonders if the Montreal Canadiens could acquire Flower as a backup to Carey Price! 

Now, we get why that makes sense. Fleury is from the area, would be closer to his family and his wife’s family, which could be very good for the veteran goalie who unfortunately lost his father to cancer back in November. 

However, how much are the Habs looking to spend in between the pipes?! We all know Price has that huge contract and Fleury has two years left on his, which carries a princely $7.0 million cap hit. 

This sounds like way too much on a tight salary cap for the upcoming seasons! You see why it’s a stunning rumour? 

While It could make sense for Fleury to be moved elsewhere, his 10-team no-trade list and the flattened salary cap for next season, might result in not having many destinations for Flower.

But, Montreal…that would be a shocker!