Stunning update on Boyle following his cancer diagnosis.

Amazing courage from Boyle.

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Last night I shared some very somber news with our readers, National Hockey League veteran Brian Boyle has been diagnosed with cancer, but less than 24 hours later we have some great news regarding Boyle. 

While Boyle was optimistic he would soon return to play and begin his career as a member of the New Jersey Devils, this despite the terrifying diagnosis, we had no idea just how soon the target for his return could be.

According to a report from The Associated Press, Boyle is actually going to attempt to be back on time for the start of the regular season, and for the Devils' that would be on October 7th, just a few short days away.

“We have a good plan of attack here, and I’m looking forward to getting on the ice and playing,” Boyle said as per the Associated Press. “When that happens I don’t know, but my mindset is Oct. 7.”

We certainly hope he makes it, and even if he doesn't it's amazing to see that he's in such good health and good spirits that he actually believes the target to be realistic. 

Keep fighting Brian, we're all rooting for you.